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dotty scarf and head band

Dotty Range
If you go down right dotty over dots then this range is for you. The range comprises of the following 3 products...

Dotty Head Bands
Ideal for the ski slopes! They have dots on one side and stripes on the other. They can be worn as a head band or a collar, making them a versatile must have accessory.
Dotty Shawls
The dotty shawl is luxuriously soft with dots on one side and stripes on the other. The shawl looks great worn with a brooch or belt.
Dotty Skinny Scarves
Also plated with contrast colour on the main part of the scarf, with dots and stripes on either side of the hem.

Dotty Shawl range
dot and plated shawl black and grey lifestyle model shot
Dot and Plated Shawl range £138
Dotty Skinny Scarf range
Dotty Headband Range
dotty skinny scarf model shot link to range
dotty headband model shot
womans dotty shawl range lifestyle model shot