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jaquard ladder shawl model shot

The Jaquard Ladder Shawl
Luxuriously soft, warm and reversible. The hem border is detailed with a contemporary floral pattern on one side and stripe on the reverse. It’s plated in the main part with a contrast colour. When worn as a scarf around the neck, the ladders form ruffles that frame the face and keep you extra cosy. There are ladders throughout this shawl which are perfectly placed to enable you to button it up anywhere. This shawl is also detailed with locally sourced hand made ceramic buttons.

Price £162

Metallic, Gulf Stream & Mariner Blue
jaquard ladder shawl rhapsody heliotrope and lupin with iridescent lurex on floral hem detail mannequin shot
jaquard ladder shawl diesel speedwell and navy with midnight lurex on floral hem detail mannequin shot
Rhapsody, Heliotrope & Lupin with Iridescent Lurex on Floral hem detail
Diesel, Speedwell & Navy with Midnight Lurex on Floral hem Detail
jaquard ladder shawl metallic caspian and sea spray