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The Rothko Ladders Shawl
Luxuriously soft, warm and reversible. The Rothko Ladders shawl is plated with a contrast colour on the reverse side, giving you 2 shawls for the price of 1! When worn as a scarf around the neck, the ladders form ruffles that frame the face and keep you extra cosy, and are perfectly placed to enable you to button it up anywhere. This shawl is also detailed with locally sourced hand made ceramic, wooden or metal buttons.

Price: £151

Metallic, Pearl Grey and Black
elderberry and heliotrope rothko ladders shawl with amethyste lurex on hem detail merino lambs wool
o ladders shawl diesel speedwell and navy with midnight lurex on the hem mannequin shot
Cocoa and Mushroom
Diesel and Caspian
Diesel, Speedwell & Navy with Midnight Lurex on hem detail
Tobacco and Linen
Elderberry & Heliotrope with Amethyste Lurex on hem detail
Rhapsody and Biscay
Watercress and Kiwi
Charcoal, Pearl Grey and Radish
rothko ladder shawl Diesel and Caspian
rothko ladder shawl charcoal pearl grey and radish
rothko ladder shawl Watercress and Kiwi
rothko ladder shawl rhapsody and biscay
rothko ladder shawl Cocoa and Mushroom
rothko ladder shawl Tobacco and linen
Rothko ladder shawl metallic pearl grey and black